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Frequently Asked Questions for your Stylist!

Q: What is the right haircut for my face?

A:  If your face is a...

  • Long face: Cut your hair above your shoulders, with long layers and a side part.
  • Square face: It's best if your hair is cut above or below your jawline, in layers. No center parts.
  • Oval face: You're in luck, just about any length and style works for you.
  • Round face: Wear your hair cut below the chin, with shorter layers in front. Avoid full bangs.
  • Heart face: Cut shoulder-length, and go for fullness from your chin down with waves or soft layers.

Q:  Are salon products any better than products purchased in drugstores and grocery store?

A:  In general yes. Most salon brands use gentler surfactants in more concentrated amounts. Also, many  high detergent, "drugstore" brands produce products with an end price point in mind, limiting the quality or amount of ingredients vital to maintain healthy hair.

Always consult your Beyond Basics Stylist (NOT THE PHARMACIST NOR THE GROCERY CLERK) for Professional Recommendations on your hair needs!

Q:  I have used "conditioners" but they all seem to "weigh" my hair down. Is there a solution?


A:  Yes. First let me address the problem. The reasons your hair may be weighted down are:

  • The molecular weight of the product is too high. High molecular weighted products can coat the hair.

    You may be using the improper type of "conditioner". Conditioners generally fall into 4 categories:

    • Reconstructors- make the hair stronger
    • Rinses and Acidifiers(High PH level)- close the cuticle and seal the hair
    • Moisturizers- balance the moisture content in the cortex of the hair
    • Thermal protectors - prevent heat damage before it starts

Generally, polymeric products have high molecular weights. Look for products which contain hydrolyzed human hair keratin protein. Products with hydrolyzed human keratin protein generally are best because the products generally have low molecular weights. This provides for a superior product that does not weigh the hair down.

Q:  I can never get my hair to style the same way they do in the salon, why?

A:  One key reason is your stylist uses styling tools you may not have. Next time into your salon, ask your hair designer what styling product(s) were used to create the style. Have your stylist explain how each product was used. The choices may range from foams, spray gels, gels to different types of hair spray.

Q:  Does diet affect my hair?

A: Yes! Here are some ideas to "build" better hair from the inside out...

Eat more protein rich foods.

Supplements of choline and inositol help hair development

Supplements of tyrosine (an amino acid) play a vital role in hair growth

Supplements of B vitamins help produce healthy hair

Supplements of biotin, cysteine,and cystine aid in healthy hair growth

 We have Nioxin brand Supplements for Healthy Hair Growth at Beyond Basics!

Q:  I need more volume to my hair. How do I achieve this?

A: There are several options with this issue.
1. Get a "wave" (not a curly perm), just enough to create the volume you desire.
2. Use  Volumizing Professional products. Also, apply virtually your styling product to the roots and comb or work through to the ends. "Volume" occurs at the scalp area , not the ends.