Bringing beauty to the surface
         for the world to see...

"Salon Team"

Kendall Fuqua, Proprietor, Creative Director 

Susan Riggs, Manager

Brenda Williams, Director of Concierge

Terry Allgood, Management Consultant

Andrea Alatorre, Hair Designer, Makeup Artist
Anna Koch,Hair Designer

Barbara Thomas, Hair Designer

Bethany Sheperd, Hair Designer, Makeup Artist 

Casey Solis, Hair Designer

Chris Lopata, Hair Designer, Portrait Artist,
Graphic Designer 
Doug Wallace, Hair Designer, Makeup Artist
Great Lengths Extensions Expert

Eric Lewandoski, Hair Designer

Erica Eisel, Hair Designer
Jack "J." Gibson, Hair Designer

Kathy Matzke, Hair Designer

Kimberly Brock, Hair Designer

Krystina Ortiz Granger , Hair Designer,  Espanol
Hot Heads Extensions Expert, Lanza Educator    

Lauren Talton, Hair Designer, Makeup Artist

Meghan Bryan, Hair Designer, Makeup Artist

Monica Dukes, Hair Designer

Michael Pence, Hair Designer

Michael Shore, Hair Designer

Natawsha Vondrak, Hair Designer, Makeup Artist
Tracy Zabenko, Hair Designer

Thomas Esenbock, Hair Designer   

"Spa Team

Carole Lawerence, Medical Aesthetician



Greg Whitmore, Massage Therapist, NC Licensed


Johnny Locklear, Nail Technician 
Kelly Ashby, Massage Therapist, NC Lincensed

Kim Edwards, Nail Technician
Sharon Sierbert, Massage Therapist,  NC  Lincensed