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         for the world to see...


I could not be more enthralled with my continuous relationship at Salon beyond basics! I am 27 and was diagnosed 4 months ago with Breast Cancer and by a family member was referred to a stylist to get my LONG hair cut above my shoulders to help during my transition. Upon my visit, I discovered they carried a large selection of top of the line Wigs, which was a pleasant surprise. The staff was very friendly and professional, so I decided to try out a few wigs and from then made another appointment to find the "right" wig for me. Kendall, the Owner, and  Tracy helped me through this tough process and made it enjoyable! When the day came to shave my head they opened early for me and once again with their uplifting spirits made me and the process feel comfortable and normal. Kendall now has a separate room designated for the Wigs for privacy and tranquility in their Spa for other people who have to go through these trying times and I love it! I could go on and on but the bottom line is Salon Beyond Basics exceeded any expectations and has helped me feel like "me"                                                                                         ...Amanda

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We proudly partner with The Jon Jeanu Wig Company because they remain focused on creating products that truly improve the lives of our customers.  The Jon Renau collection boasts over 125 different styles and over 100 salon inspired colors, giving women the freedom to choose. Celebrated throughout the industry for our fantastic color selection and attention to detail, we strive to provide the finest quality, the best value and the highest customer satisfaction.
 We welcome you to discover all Jon Renau has to offer  in Human Hair, Synthetic, and "Heat Defiant" Synthetic to
meet your needs and every budget. 

It is essential for a woman to have the ability to express herself through style and color, whether she seeks alternative hair for fashion or from need.  As our mission statement says, we at Salon Beyond Basics  are here to help bring your beauty to the surface for the world to see.
With Jon Renau wigs, we have that ability to do so in alternative ways.  Below are just a few of the wigs we have available on hand as well as over 65 style samples and colors to view.  We personalize your wig for you and your needs in the comfort of a private room if you so desire.