What is it like to wear alternative hair?  
By Kendall Fuqua, June 2016

 Wigs are no longer just for those going through chemotherapy or your Granny Mae’s little secret.  

In the last decade more and more women are embracing the type of quick versatility and the ease that comes with wearing a wig or hair pieces. However, if we may, there are definitely some do and do nots that should be followed to make your experience a positive one.

Do not wear a wig straight from the package.  Wash the new fake shiny off. Too much shine is a definite give-a-way. Nobody’s biological hair looks that glossy.

Do have a qualified hairstylist cut your alternative hair into a shape and style that suits your face and lifestyle. Think about your choice in wig style as you are making your purchase. The wig that needs the least amount of alterations in is going to be your best choice.

Do get the most natural looking and modern style wig.

Do not go for an outrageous color and be very careful with retro or avant garde styles—unless you’re really looking for a lot of attention.

Do go for the most natural looking hairline. We always recommend a lace front for the most natural hairline.

Do not go for a crescent moon shape hairline. It is not the most flattering on your forehead.

Do not go too full or bulky at the crown.  Too much hair will scream wig.

Do go age-appropriate. We should need no further explanation here but if you need to ask, just google hair styles for your age. Yes, there are always exceptions.

Do leave the trimming of the lace fronts and alterations to the certified professionals.  If you’re not 100% sure of what you’re doing, it can become a hot mess. And if not done correctly, it can dramatically shorten the life of the wig. And while on the subject, be very gentle with the lace fronts. Lace is delicate.

Do not be a frequent user of wig glue unless you are hanging upside down and need the extra security.

Do try a hair piece if you really don’t need a full wig. They’re easier to work with if some of your own hair is or will be exposed.  Just make sure the texture and color matches your biological hair.

Do gently brush out the curls on a curly wig with a paddle brush for a more realistic look.

Do help keep your wig’s shape by keeping it on a Styrofoam wig head.

Do not dry your wig of a Styrofoam head. There are drying racks made for this purpose so that the wig is not stretched during the drying process.

Do use the correct professionally recommended products for your alternative hair whether it is synthetic or human hair. The alternative hair manufacturing company creates the correct product to maintain the longevity of the fibers.

Do follow the manufactures instructions when cleansing and caring for your alternative hair. It is not the same as shampooing and conditioning your biological hair.

Do keep your natural hair smooth and flat underneath and covered with a wig cap for best wearing results.

Do seek out a certified professional when making the investment in your alternative hair.

If you follow these simple do and do nots, I promise your alternative hair experience will be a much more enjoyable one. Remember, wigs and hair pieces can be worn for a number of reasons and there are a lot more options now than there were a few years ago.

Call your local wig boutique today and try on some new hair styles. 

You may find a way to save some time getting ready in the mornings or even an alternative look for those nights out on the town. Who knows, you may just get find a new you in the process.


Focus On The Coast Magazine

Written By Melissa Slaven Warren

The magic always happens behind the scenes, kind of like the wizard behind the green curtain. And when you’re the proprietors of successful businesses where “team approach” means everything, it can be out of character to step into the limelight. However, with a little coaxing, Kendall Fuqua and Terry Allgood, partners, collaborators, entrepreneurs, and community supporters, pull back the curtain and share the secret of their successful beauty businesses and their dynamic partnership. Like most creative entrepreneurs, the last thing on Kendall’s mind is reading a profit and loss statement.

As a sought-after hair stylist and nationally known educator, he was more interested in the creative process, and making his clients look and feel good. That all changed five years ago when Terry Allgood convinced Kendall to see his business as a business with potential beyond his imagination. The first thing Terry noticed was Kendall’s lack of consistent business systems. “He had no financial system in place, no hiring process, and no future growth plans for the business,” Terry says. His background as a business process consultant to manufacturing and distribution professionals made Terry the perfect cohesive element to help Kendall with the business end of Salon Beyond Basics Day Spa.

Terry encouraged Kendall to attend a salon business boot camp that proved a life changing experience. “I wish I had done it 25 years earlier,” admits Kendall. In every business partnership each member brings their strengths to the table, but there’s always give and take, and room to learn from one another. “Terry has taught me to be a stronger person in life and in business,” says Kendall. “We’re damn good at business together.” As for Terry, he’s learned patience from Kendall. “I’m often ‘to the point,’ it’s my consulting background,” he admits. “Kendall has made me a nicer person, especially in my delivery.”

Now, in its 20th year, Salon Beyond Basics Day Spa has become one of Wilmington’s most esteemed salons and spas for a diverse clientele, with services including designer cuts and color, professional makeup, manicures, pedicures, massage and skin therapy. With a 26-chair salon and 8-treatment room spa, there’s a look and price point for everyone. Last October, Terry and Kendall embarked on a new business venture: Beyond Basics Beauty Supply. A natural evolution in their business model, they now distribute award-winning color products by JKS International, Sorme Treatment Cosmetics, KeraSpa Hair Smoothing Treatments, and Uniq One Shampoo Balm and Leave-in Treatment, just to name a few.

“We sell to salons, spas, and cosmetology schools throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia,” Terry continues. “Our goal is to partner with industry professionals throughout our territories and help them grow their business by bringing them professional products not offered before.”

Giving back to the community has always been a significant part of doing business for both Kendall and Terry. One way they give back is through the Beyond Hair program they formed one year ago, selling customizable wigs and hair pieces to cancer patients and women suffering from hair loss, with 10 percent of their proceeds going to the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation to help support the hospital’s Zimmer Cancer Center. “It is my belief that we must support our community,” explains Kendall. “It’s all about paying it forward.”

True Beauty

Posted On October 1, 2013
Posted In Shopping & Style, Wilmington Magazine Sept-Oct 2013

For cancer patients and women with thinning hair, the Salon Beyond Basics Day Spa is a lifesaver with their top quality wigs and hair pieces.

Amanda Perry discovered the lump in her breast by accident. She was 27 years old when doctors diagnosed her with an aggressive Stage 2 cancer, and they treated her with chemo and radiation to attack it. Most new cancer cases occur in women 40 and older, according to the American Cancer Society, making Perry’s case uncommon.

“I was going through a traumatic time. It was hard for me to make decisions about what was best for me,” Perry, now 28, said. “I couldn’t make up my mind about anything I wanted to do.”

One of those decisions involved how she would handle the loss of her long hair, a side effect of cancer treatment. While considering her options, she visited Salon Beyond Basics Day Spa on Floral Parkway and met owner Kendall Fuqua. “I didn’t even know he sold wigs,” Perry said. “I started talking to him about them. And he just made me feel so comfortable and so happy to be there, that I felt like it was the right place for me. It was nice at the time not to second-guess anything going on, and I definitely haven’t had any regrets since.”

At first, she decided on a wig with bangs, thinking her eyebrows and eyelashes would fall out right away. When she changed her mind, deciding bangs weren’t her style, Kendall and Tracy helped her find a dark bob that she’s still wearing as her hair grows back. Her chemotherapy ended in June.

Fuqua and his partner Terry Allgood, having battled cancer himself, have made helping cancer patients more of a mission for the salon this year. They started the Beyond Hair Program in January and plan to donate 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of all wigs, and the Top Secret hair pieces to the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation to help support the hospital’s Zimmer Cancer Center. Giving to the foundation is nothing new – through the years, the salon and spa has served as a sponsor for a myriad of events and donations for auctions and other fundraising efforts. The foundation is proud, according to Aline Lasseter, the foundation’s vice president of development and executive director, of its association with Salon Beyond Basics Day Spa.

Fuqua said he plans to present the first of many Beyond Hair Program checks to the foundation this October.

Meanwhile, the salon continues to help cancer patients in its two private suites located in the spa, making a point to cater to their needs even if it’s outside business hours. He said he hopes that the Beyond Hair Program will eventually be able to offer wigs at no charge to patients who can’t otherwise afford them. The collection of Jon Renau wigs Beyond Basics carries range in cost from $100 to $2,400, depending on the design, length of hair and type of hair. “We have something for everyone’s needs and budget. Hair should be the least of someone’s worries when going through this,” added Fuqua.

“I do not ask about the cancer. I actually let them lead and I follow, and then I try to make this the fun part of their journey,” Fuqua said. “We want to offer the same experience to a woman wearing a wig that any other woman would have in our salon.”

Perry appreciated that.

“It was nice because he was able to relate but at the same time not make me feel like I was going through something so bad,” Perry said.

While the wigs meet the needs of cancer patients, Fuqua also has an extensive inventory of hair pieces to help women with thinning hair. The salon, he said, is one of the only businesses in North Carolina that carries the Top Secret brand of hair pieces, hand-tied with human hair, made with a light mesh and secured to a client’s head with four clips.

Rise Amos, a client of Fuqua’s for more than 20 years, owns three Top Secret pieces she adds to her dark locks. An injection that she has to use to treat a health condition makes her own hair very brittle, making it difficult to grow her hair into the style she desires. The pieces don’t budge, she said, even during the former professional ballerina’s exercise routines and dance classes. She can style the pieces with a curling iron and a hair brush with ease. “It makes me feel like a whole person—You can’t tell the difference,” Amos said.

All of Fuqua’s efforts, from helping cancer patients, thinning hair clients, to educating other stylists, can be trimmed down to the same principle.

“I’ve always been taught since I was a child that true beauty comes from within,” he said. “When I’m working with a cancer patient, with a client who has thin hair, or any client for that matter, my job is to bring their inner beauty to the surface for the world to see.” 910-452-0072, salonbeyondbasics.com

Salon Sensation

Posted On May 21, 2014
Posted In Shopping & Style, Wilmington Magazine May-June 2014

A local icon spreads its wings from salon expansion to product distribution and continues to give back to the community.
In May, Salon Beyond Basics and Day Spa will celebrate its 19th anniversary. During the past two decades, the business has grown from an eight-chair salon and spa on Oleander Drive to a 5,500-square-foot facility on Floral Parkway, with a product distribution facet of its own and enough space to train experienced and up-and-coming stylists in the use of new products.

 Teaching has been a focus lately at the salon and spa, something that stylists, employees and clients said they appreciate about the business. When surrounded by people who strive for excellence, “you want to do better as well,” said Natawsha Vondrak, a stylist who recently joined Salon Beyond Basics and was also recently certified at the salon to use a professional smoothing treatment in the KeraSpa Collection. Owner Kendall Fuqua said he chose the KeraSpa line of products not only because of a demand, but because he felt they were safer than other similar treatments on the market for controlling frizzy hair or unruly curls.

 “It’s safer for the client and better for their hair,” said Brenda Williams, the salon’s concierge director, who handles the front desk and reception, and often answers questions about the salon’s products and services.

 Some of the latest offerings, in addition to the smoothing treatments, are hair pieces and wigs. Over the years in Wilmington, the salon has become increasingly more involved in community service and charitable causes.

 “The business has changed so much,” Fuqua said. “We’ve always been a salon and day spa. We’ve always done everything we do, except for the wigs and hair pieces, but we are so ingrained and we’re so partnered with the community now more than ever.”

 On a recent Friday afternoon, a client sent a bouquet of tulips to the salon with the note, “Thanks for seeing my potential and then some.” The woman, who was struggling with life-changing stresses in addition to dealing with thinning hair, came to the salon for help after another client recommended she go there.

 “I love it because you change people’s lives,” Fuqua said after reading the card. “It’s amazing to me. People give me more than I ever feel like I give them.”

 J. Gibson, a stylist who has worked in the Floral Parkway facility since its doors opened, and who Fuqua considers a mentor after working for Gibson when he was just starting out in the business, said the number of different personalities involved in running the salon has kept him interested in working there. Vondrak echoed that sentiment. “It’s like a big family,” she said of the other stylists and employees.

 “You’d think there’d be drama but there’s not. It’s more like friendships.”

 Salon Beyond Basics and Day Spa has about 40 employees most of the time, Fuqua said, and is willing to add talented people who work well in the business.

 “We’ll just continue to grow with the times,” Gibson said as he worked on a client’s hair.

 The salon’s menu of services is not limited to higher priced cuts, styles and treatments. A client can get a haircut there for as low as $30, Fuqua said, with stylists working to make sure each customer is happy with the end results.

 For example, when Rachel Spalding needed help with a color treatment that didn’t meet her needs, Fuqua stepped in, Spalding said.

 “He knew what I was looking for, and he didn’t want to let me leave until I was satisfied,” she said. “Not everyone would do that.”

 The distribution arm of the business is called Beyond Basics Beauty Supply and was born from the efforts of Terry Allgood, the salon’s management consultant, after discovering there were a lot of products available in the industry that were not being sold in the area. “Now Terry sells and distributes new, innovative, specialty beauty product lines to professionals in the salon and spa industry in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and beyond,” Fuqua said.

 The salon will celebrate its 20th year with a sale of 20 percent off everything in the salon and likely other festivities, Fuqua said. In addition to serving clients, the business makes a point of helping charitable causes, including New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation, the Red Cross, Make-A-Wish, Coastal Horizon and others.

 “If it’s a charity, we will be there to support it,” Fuqua said.

New Hairstyles for Spring

Posted On March 29, 2014
Posted In Shopping & Style, Wilmington Magazine Mar-Apr 2014

Expert advice on changing your hairstyle, and finding the right hair products to keep it looking good.
There always seems to be a variety of popular hairstyles no matter where you turn. It makes no difference who you are, the time comes for all of us when refashioning your hairstyle with the latest look is priority. And yes, you can get the latest hairstyle if you know where to look and how to relate your request to the right stylist. Inspiration can come from the styles worn by celebrities as well as the fashion world. For most of us, our hair is the number one accessory that we own, either by growing it or by purchasing it. Hair means something, if not everything, and many lives have been changed by the look of a new hairstyle.

The question that always seems to be the most asked is how long should my hair be. Some women wear certain lengths based on their emotions and some based on time. The fashion industry also has its thoughts on the subject. Short hair will always be considered to be the immaculate, fashion forward, stylish and extremely sexy look for many women. With short hairstyles, there are endless possibilities that never get boring. When you look at any fashion magazine, you always encounter pictures of famous celebrities wearing short hairstyles. The question that I hear repeatedly is ― would a short hairstyle look good on me. The answer I like is that a suitable, personalized short hairstyle would look great on anybody.

Medium length hairstyles on the other hand, will always offer the advantage of being able to experiment. The medium length is getting the most attention right now in fashion and Hollywood. Doesn't everyone want a quality hairstyle that will get them noticed and will be easy to style? This is also an acceptable length with those wanting to make a change, because it can be easy to grow it back long again. It’s the “crawl before you walk” length when making that transition into a new shorter hairstyle.

Ok. We know that long hairstyles will always be in the spotlight for any season, and will remain the most popular for the majority of women. Why? It is usually because of the security that it seems to give, or because of the easy ponytail. And don’t worry ― stylists will always have a plan for the ladies that want to keep those lovely locks long, stylish, and healthy.

So What’s New This Spring?

Most of you may have heard about the Professional Smoothing “Keratin” Treatments being used by salons to tame unruly, frizzy hair, or to help control curls. But, did you know that most of these Treatments are unsafe to the person receiving the service or any person nearby? Some of these treatments have even been outlawed in some countries due to the toxicity. So, how do you and your stylist know who or what to trust? We have an answer and now you can ask for it by name.

Our latest discovery, The KeraSpa Collection has three ways to smooth hair physically and not chemically. The KeraSpa Intense is rich in keratin proteins, polyquaternium and uses amino acids synergy cysteines to effectively smooth the hair. The KeraSpa Intense smoothing system reduces up to 90% of curls, and removes volume and frizz, leaving the hair with a stronger, naturally smooth and silky effect for 3 to 4 months.

The quick fix option in the KeraSpa Collection is the Kera Express. This is an excellent way to reconstitute the proteins in the hair, and increase its brightness and softness to the touch, all while removing frizz. It’s ideal to use as a short term smoothing treatment, protect the hair from heat and free radicals, as well as extending the longevity of KeraSpa Intense Smoothing Treatment. This Express treatment can last up to 3 to 4 weeks.

Another choice is the Kera Kontrol Total. A new generation smoothing system that controls the curl and frizz of your hair, by using lupine protein that stimulates the natural keratin of the hair. This technology uses amino acids and protein synergy that are bio compatible with the hair fibers. This treatment improves the hair’s moisture, elasticity, and strength while removing the undesired bulkiness while leaving soft, shiny, beautiful curls. This service takes no more time to receive than coloring, and can be done the same day as a color service. Fabulous hair for 8 to 12 weeks!

This formaldehyde free system introduces innovative, high quality products, and takes advantage of authentic Brazilian fruit extracts and their natural benefits. The Treatment includes natural ingredients such as Carob Bean extract, Acai, Guarana fruit extracts, Argan oil, Babassu oil, Wheat Germ oil, Vitamin E and Glycerin. This new combination regenerates and restructures the hair restoring lost moisture, softness, brightness, elasticity, and vitality to the hair.

Every option in the KeraSpa Collection Smoothing System contains no Formaldehyde, and has been approved for use by Health Canada, the Canadian version of the United States FDA. Health Canada adheres to more strict guidelines on the use of Formaldehyde content allowed in consumer products than the United States. In fact, Canada does not allow most smoothing treatments that the FDA still allows for use in U.S. salons today.

So, does beautiful hair have to cost you your health? Not anymore.

Suffering Hair Loss?  No need to suffer in silence-there is help!
By Kendall Fuqua, May 2016

Most often thought to be a male issue, women actually make up 40% of our hair loss sufferers. Hair loss in women can be an absolutely devastating ordeal for their self-image and emotional well-being.

Did you know that the number 1 concern when a woman hears she has cancer is whether or not she will lose her hair?

Unfortunately, as so often society does, women with hair loss are forced to suffer in their own silence feeling depressed and helpless. It has been way more acceptable for men to go through the same hair loss process and it be accepted.

Even more unfortunately, since hair loss doesn't appear to be life threatening, most physicians in the past have paid too little attention to women's complaints about hair loss and essentially told their patients that "it's no big deal” and that "you'll just have to live with it." 

Thank goodness, this is no longer the case.   We now actually receive referrals concerning hair loss from physicians.  I’ve even had a hair stylist recently suffering hair loss tell me she was told, “You’ll be fine, you’re a hair stylist you can figure it out”.

Of course what some of these physicians didn’t seem to realize is that the psychological damage caused by hair loss and feeling unattractive can become just as devastating as any other serious disease, and in fact, has taken emotional tolls that directly affected these women’s physical health. It has created a domino effect, the psychological impact and then more physical problems arise.

As we know, hair loss can be a temporary issue or a long lasting problem. Temporary hair loss can be easier to deal with when it is identified and treated quickly, but can sometimes be difficult when it is not immediately clear what the cause may be.

Temporary hair loss that could have been short term may now become long lasting as a result of not addressing the issue soon enough or due to an incorrect diagnosis. 

Misdiagnoses are the most frustrating aspect for women with hair loss that I have dealt with. It’s the whole “not knowing” crisis.

Hopefully women are coming to realize there is more help out there now with hair loss and they can at least begin the conversation with their doctor about hair loss and find the right treatments for their particular kind of hair loss, sooner, rather than later.

 Alopecia, which seems to be the most common catch all reason for hair loss, is the medical term for excessive or abnormal hair loss. There are various kinds of alopecia that may explain an individual’s reason for hair loss and you must see a physician for your true diagnosis.

 It definitely seems that the most common thing about hair loss in men and women is that it is always a symptom of something else that's going way wrong in your body. Hair will remain on your head where it belongs if your body is in balance, disease free, and healthy.

Your condition could be as simple as having a gene that makes you susceptible to pattern baldness or one of the forms of alopecia areata.  And or it could be as complex as a whole host of health issues. 

Quite often, hair loss can be a symptom of a short-term situation such as stress, pregnancy, or the taking of certain types of medications. In some of these situations, hair will usually (although there are no guarantees) grow back when the situation has been somewhat dealt with or calmed. 

Substances such as medications, including hormones, and or diseases can create changes in hair growth as well as the shedding phases and their durations. When this happens, synchronous growth and shedding occur at the same time giving the absence of hair thickness.

Once the issue is dealt with, often the hairs will go back to the random pattern of growth and shedding.  And hopefully, the hair loss will come to a halt. Unfortunately, far too many women struggle with hair loss their entire lives.

And I definitely recommend seeing your physician to find your resolution to your cause of hair loss because there are lots of reasons you may be suffering hair loss.  Just remember, you don’t have to suffer in silence any longer. There is help!

Salon Beyond Basics which has been supporting our community for the past 21 years along with all of your hair needs, realized women needed a cosmetic solution to the obvious problems of hair thinning and hair loss. And, Beyond Basics Wigs came to be.

We can now offer women several solutions to thin hair and hair loss and join them on their journey as they deal with their hair loss.  Wigs, hair pieces, and extensions can completely disguise the obvious thinning or loss of your hair all while giving you back that complete, confident, beautiful feeling.

It has been such an honor to be recognized by some of our wonderful physicians in the Wilmington area as they have recognized the quality of our alternative hair. It acknowledges that we are doing the right thing when the physician compliments a wig on one of our “Divas” and she smiles back feeling beautiful and simply responds “Beyond Basics”. When hearing this, he just gives a big smile and says “you’re in good hands, no wonder it looks so good”.

Hair Loss may be affecting you but now there are solutions.  You don’t have to suffer alone.  We have human hair as well as synthetic wigs, hair pieces, and extension options to help with your loss of hair. Our new boutique provides a welcoming, safe environment with four private suites for your comfort.

Definitely see your physician to find out why you may be losing your hair and call or stop by Beyond Basics Wigs for your alternative hair solution.  Look beautiful and feel more confident today! They’ll never know! 

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